Portable mesh  Nebulizer

Portable mesh Nebulizer


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  Portable mesh  Nebulizer 

MBRACE A MUSICAL ENVIRONMENT Press the switch button for 5 seconds to play music while it is working, create a funny and relaxing atmosphere LARGE AMOUNT OF MIST It uses mesh technology to create a fine mist, the small particles are around 2-5μm POCKET SIZE Portable and lightweight, You can simply put it in your pocket, handbag or backpack, take anywhere and used at anytime EASY TO USE One-button operation, no need to wait. Auto Shut-Off after 10 minutes, and the child can also use it by themselves SUPER QUIET Super quiet while working, virtually noiseless operation, noise less than 50dB, you can use it without affecting anyone's rest/sleeping Features: ● Musical function ● Lightweight and portable. ● Low Power consumption, silent operation. ● One-button operation. ● High-output fine particle. ● Low water level sensing ● Multi-angle nebulization

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